All matches are using standard Kyokushin Semi-Contact and Full-Contact rules. A competitor may win with points (wazari or ippon) or by decision, showing superior technique and/or fighting spirit. Full explanation of the rules will be done prior to the matches for all competitors. Kumite matches will be have 2 or 4 corner judges with a center referee (Sushin) who will have the final say in any bout.

The Sushin may disqualify any participant as a result of poor sportsmanship, foul language, or disrespectful behaviors exhibited by any competitor, their coach or a parent. What will not be tolerated in the dojo, will not be tolerated at the tournament. 


Duration of bouts:

Ages 15-17:
2 minutes with no extensions in the preliminaries. Maximum of (2) 1 minute extensions (if necessary) only if it is to decide a top 3 placing in the category (semi-final or final).

Legal Techniques: 

Head (Jodan):
Round kicks/circular (Mawashi) with control. Excluding the face.

Torso (Chudan):
1) Straight or round kicks to the front of the torso. Knee kicks allowed for ages 13 & up only.
2) All punches to the front of torso.

Legs (Gedan):
Round kicks (Mawashi) to the legs, above the knee on the outside or (inside of the legs, 13 & up).

Illegal Techniques:

Head (Jodan):
1) ANY hand or arm techniques to the head
2) Knee techniques
3) Straight kicks (Mae, Yoko, Ushiro Geri)
4)Downward heel kick (Oroshi Kakato Geri)

Torso (Chudan):
1) Open hand techniques (Shuto, Shotei...)
2) Strikes of any kind to the back

Legs (Gedan):
1) ANY straight kicks (Mae, Yoko, Ushiro Geri...)
2) Strikes to or sides or below the knees.
3) Leg sweeps of any kind.

Striking the groin is illegal. No grabbing, holding, pulling or pushing of any kind is permitted. Full explanation will take place prior to the Kumite competition.

Size of Tatamis:
Each tatami or court (competing area) will be 12x12 feet. There will be 4 courts to ensure that we can have as many divisions as possible working at a time.

No chest protectors allowed in Knockdown division for Men or Women !