Shihan Pedro Beltran in a test of determination and courage completed successful the 50 man Kumite, It was a real test of the Kyokushin spirit. Watching the 50 man Kumite I was touched by the tremendous spirit and determination showed by Shihan Pedro Beltran. On behalf of all the members of Winnipeg Kyokushin Karate I salute and congratulate Shihan Pedro Beltran for his achievement, it is a really good example for all of us to see him at his age completing this amazing challenging. OSU!

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Shihan Pedro Beltran
President and Country Representative of Spanish Kyokushin Organization


    It is with profound pride and satisfaction that Spanish Kyokushin Organization announces that Sunday the 17th of June, the president and & country representatives of our Organization: Shihan Pedro Beltran, completed the Gojunin Kumite Test, in Barcelona, Spain.

    Shihan Beltran was born in 1951, In the mid-sixties he was practicing various disciples of wrestling obtaining the 2nd and 3rd place in the Catalonian championships in 1968/9 respectively.  He was acquainted with Karate in the end sixties in an exhibition of the French master Raymond Thomas and decided to follow the path of this martial arts called Kyokushin.

    The test started at 11 am, with the attendance of several veteran fighters and instructors, who had traveled thousands of kilometers, fro all over Spain in order to help and to be close to Shihan at this very special event.  For many student it was the first time to see him in combat.

    Besides the understandable nervousness, that where hanging in the hot summer air, the members of our organization and Pili (Shihans wife) were frankly worried about Shihan Beltrans health, due to the fact that, only a decade age, he was "reborn" after overcoming a serious fatal illness that attacked the central nervous system to the extend that he lost the use of his limbs and consequently  over a period  of years had to learn to walk again.

    AS the fights began, however, our worries showed to be in vanish, Shihan Beltran gave us a pure demonstration of firm determination, fluently performed techniques and mental focus.  He opened our eyes to the fact, that we here in Spain among us, have a devoted follower of Sosai's philosophy as well as a modern samurai who carries on climbing the steep precipice of Budo with unshaken spirit.

    Shihan Beltran became stronger as the fights carried on .  In the 25th fight (half way) I had the honour of entering as the challenger.  I have to confess, after trying to introduce as much Kyokushin Seishin (spirit) as my body & soul allowed me to, that I ended up completely exhausted after the fight.  And to my enormous surprise and admiration Shihan carried on with even more speed in the second half of his personal trial.

    Shihan Beltran has given us all a glamorous example of hour to strive to be the best you can, confident of your own possibilities without any question of a doubt.

    I am sure that Shihans demonstration will influence our organizations path from now on and that everybody will keep on their personal daily combat unselfishly with mukashi no Sosai and Shihan in mind.

    On behalf of all the members of Spanish Kyokushin Organization I wish to congratulate Shihan Pedro Beltran expressing our deep respect & gratitude for demonstrating the highest meaning of the name our organization ( in Spain, Spanish Kyokushin Organization is formally registered and known as Saishin Kyokushin Organization )

I proudly remain,
Yours in Kyokushin

Klaus Rex
Technical Coordinator

Participants at the beginning of the Gojunin Kumite

Shihan Klaus Rex and Shihan Pedro Beltran in action

Participants at the end of the Gojunin Kumite

Shihan Pedro Beltran at the end of Gojunin Kumite

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