Dear Sensei / Shihan,

                                    This letter has the purpose to invite you and your students to participate of the I Full Contact Karate Seminar with Shihan Ademir da Costa, from Brazil.

                                    Shihan Da Costa has built his background for the last quarter of century by training in Brazil under Shihan Isobe, and in Japan under Sosai Mas Oyama. He won three times the South American Title, took part of many different Kyokushin World Tournaments, and also participated of the all Japan Championships, having fought with Makoto Nakamura, A. Matsui, Akira Matsuda, Michael Wedel, Kenji Yamaki and Andy Hug, among others. Being widely known throughout the world, he has taught karate in many countries, including Japan and Russia. Shihan Da Costa is the founder of Seiwakai Full Contact Karate, which is based on his fine technique and great power combined with his own philosophy of Budo Karate.

                                    The Seminar will take place at the Biltmore Hotel, in Coral Gables (Miami), Florida, on August 18th (Sunday), from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
                                    Fees per person:
                                    . until July 31st. ........................... US$ 70,00
                                    . from August 1st to 10th ........... US$ 90,00

                                    For more information and registration, please contact Sensei Daniel Blezio, at:
                                    Budo Kyokushin Kai Dojo
                                    9300 South Dixie Highway (US1) - Suite # 207
                                    Miami - Florida - 33156 - USA
                                    Phone # (305) 796 6086
                                    Email: Budokyokushinkai@aol.com

                                    It will be a great pleasure to see you all there.
                                    thank you very much for your attention.

                                  Sensei Daniel Blezio