Sensei Beltran and Sensei Carrasco


Sensei Angel Carrasco
President of the MKKO


Sensei Angel Carrasco brought Kyokushin Karate to Winnipeg on 1982, and have been teaching it since then. He has more than 30 years of experience in Martial which 25 of them have been involve with Kyokushin Karate. He has the pleasure of been able to touch the lives of so many students during his teaching carrier. Sensei Angel  Carrasco believe than Kyokushin Karate can serve as an excellent tool to help people to build strong character, so they can become a better person and a positive influence to our society.
Sensei Angel Carrasco has been giving his service to the community for more than 20 years by teaching  free of charge to anyone who is interested in learning Kyokushin Karate. Sensei Angel Carrasco has a strong background in Holistic Medicine and on many occasion has give lectures to community group, with the hope of helping to create a healthy community.
On September, 1998 Sensei Angel Carrasco affiliated with the International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan (IKO), this give the students International recognition and a change to compete on International level. Sensei Angel Carrasco went many times to Montreal were he had the change to meet and train with others Instructors from others countries and also establish a closed relationship with one of the top Instructor in Canada, Shihan Roman Szyrajew, who is the Canadian representative for the IKO, this relationship has benefit all the Kyokushin practitioners in Winnipeg, because they all had have the change to train and learn from Shihan Roman during all the trips he has made to Winnipeg. On one of those trips, August, 1999, Sensei Angel Carrasco asked Shihan Roman to test one of his students Senpai Mario Acuņa for his black belt. Senpai Mario Acuņa pass his test and become the first Black Belt under the guidance of Sensei Angel Carrasco. Later on Sensei Angel Carrasco asked Senpai Mario Acuņa to start teaching Kyokushin Karate in a community club in order to promote Kyokushin Karate and give a service to his community. Senpai Mario Acuņa started teaching in Maples Community club in March of 2000, later on, in November of 2001 decided to go on his own an open his own Dojo, under the direction of Shihan Roman.
On the year 2000 Sensei Diego Beltran, who learned Kyokushin Karate in South America, approach to Sensei Angel Carrasco and join his class. After a few months of training Sensei Diego Beltran express to Sensei Angel Carrasco his desire to become part of the IKO. Sensei Angel Carrasco recommend Sensei Diego Beltran to the President of the Canadian Organization, Shihan Roman Szyrajew, who allow Sensei Diego Beltran to be part of the IKO.
Sensei Angel Carrasco talked to Shihan Roman about the possibility of allowing Sensei Diego Beltran to be include in the Canadian Team for the Kyokushin World Tournament held every 4 years in Japan. Shihan Roman after meeting Sensei Diego Beltran allowed him to be part of the Canadian team. So in November, 2000, Sensei Diego Beltran in company with Sensei Angel Carrasco went to Japan to the Kyokushin Karate World Championship.
A few months later, on, June, 2001. Sensei Diego Beltran opened his own Dojo, where he has been successfully teaching Kyokushin Karate to many students.
Sensei Diego Beltran and Sensei Angel Carrasco have been working together to standardize and unify Kyokushin Karate in Manitoba. As a result, on March 05, 2003, the Manitoba Kyokushinkaikan Karate Organization was created, in order to promote and organize Kyokushin Karate in Manitoba. Sensei Angel Carrasco become the President of the Organization, and Sensei Diego Beltran become the Vice-President.